1-on-1 Appointments

Interested in scheduling a 1:1 appointment with a trained volunteer?

If you are a CEO participant, volunteers are available who can assist you with creating a resume or practicing mock interview questions.

How does it work? Please follow the instructions below:

  • You must be signed into your Google G-Mail account before clicking the link below

  • When you are ready to schedule an appointment, CLICK HERE

  • This page will show you available volunteer appointment times. If no slots are available, try a different time range (for example, the following week). Find a time that works for your schedule, then click the appointment slot to sign up.

  • You'll then be asked to add some detail and save the event. Under "Where" simply type "Google Video Meet" and under "Description" please add a bit of detail, including your name, what you would like to cover on the call, and mention that you are from CEO. See the example below.

  • After you hit "Save" the event will now show up on your Google Calendar. This is where you will find the link to join your call on the day/time that you selected.

  • If you are a CEO participant: you can sign up for these appointments on your own as long as you are signed into your personal Gmail account when you click the link above.

  • If you are a CEO staff member: you may sign up for an appointment on behalf of a CEO participant. Once you select an appointment slot and save it, it will appear on your own Google Calendar. You must edit the event and add the participant's email address into the event as a guest, so that they have it on their own calendar.