For CEO Participants: How to sign up and join training

Step 1: Review training options

Scroll down to view the training calendar and a list of all trainings below it. The calendar shows trainings in your time zone. You can view next month's trainings by clicking the blue arrow in the calendar.

Step 2: Sign up for training

If you see a training on the calendar that interests you, there are 2 ways to sign up:

Step 3: Join training

To join a training, there are 2 ways to find its meeting link:

For CEO Staff: How to sign participants up for training

Click here for a 2 minute video or here for written directions on how to refer participants to training. Please provide participants with the date/time and meeting link to join the training.

Please click here to see our FAQs for answers to the most common questions.

Wondering what trainings are on the calendar? Here's a list:

For a description of these trainings, click the buttons below: