Get Your GED/HiSet Online

Below is information on how to get started studying for your GED/HiSet certification online and free of charge!  Once you have passed either the GED or HiSet test(s), you will be awarded a HSE (high school equivalency) certification.  Both the GED and the HiSet are accepted nationwide. When it comes time to take the GED/HiSet test(s), CEO may be able to help with any test taking fees.  Speak to your local job coach for more information.  

Seeds of literacy 

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Seeds of literacy is a nonprofit organization that provides free tutoring for your GED/HiSET without ever leaving your house! All you need is an internet connection and we provide the tutors, study materials, and official pre-tests to help you earn your high school equivalency! Learn at your own pace by attending as many sessions as your schedule allows. Click on the image to the left if you would like more information.  


Call 2-1-1 from any phone to find local resources for obtaining your high school equivalency diploma and any scholarships that are available to help with fees.  You can also click on the image to the left to use the online search option.  Click on the link below for more information on all 2-1-1 has to offer. is another resource available for finding programs that will help you obtain your high school equivalency diploma.  There may also scholarships available to help with any fees.  Visit for more information.