Help!  I Lost My Transcript?!

Many jobs require proof of either a high school diploma or equivalent.  Did you already graduate high school and receive a diploma but lost it?  Did you successfully pass either the GED or HiSet and receive your HSE certification but no longer have a copy?  Click on the links below to find out how to get a copy to provide to your employer or just to have a personal record of your accomplishments.  If there is a fee associated with obtaining a copy, CEO may be able to help!  Please speak to your local job coach for more information.  


If you graduated high school and received your diploma, but you no longer have a copy of it, contact the school in which you graduated from and request that a certified copy of your transcript or a copy of your diploma be mailed to you.  

hse (GED/Hiset) 

If you successfully passed the GED/HiSet test(s) and received your HSE certificate but you no longer have a copy of it, you can request a copy of the certificate and/or your transcript.  The process for requesting your records varies state by state.  Click here for more information for your specific state.