Advanced Training Opportunities

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is committed to helping every CEO participant gain the necessary skills and tools to return to the workforce successfully. In addition to providing immediate employment and individualized job-readiness services, CEO also supports participants interested in pursuing advanced training opportunities that best match their interests and career aspirations. Check out the menu of vetted pathways below for more details. *Participants are only eligible to enroll in one of the below pathways.

Why these pathways? CEO has chosen these pathways because they each meet the criteria of - high growth over the next five years, above average wage, relatively low conviction restrictions, and having a defined training pathway (less than one year in length) that leads to employment.

Can I apply for a different pathway not listed? Yes, you may apply but you must understand that your application will receive a higher level of scrutiny and must be based on unique circumstances. CEO will not provide financial support to a career that does not meet the above criteria. 


To explore each advanced training option, click on the buttons below.